Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes, But What Does It Mean?

It is sheer brilliance.

I don't know what it means, but it is deeply profound. And, at the same time, incredibly disturbing.

What does it mean? For God's sake, tell me: what does it mean?

Perhaps it doesn't mean anything at all. Then again, perhaps none of THIS means anything at all. Who the hell says it has to?

Now I suddenly get it. But please don't ask me what IT is (I don't think I can explain it in my current state of mind).

Just figure it out for yourself...



  1. "What is truth?" asked that famous Roman philosopher Pontius Pilate. But Jesus of Nazareth, a far more profound thinker, simply remained silent.

  2. If you were shot with a poison arrow by an enemy, you wouldn't spend your time asking stupid questions about what kind of arrow it was or where it was made (silly truth questions) or what would drive a person to what to shoot you (a silly meaning question). You'd get the venum out of you as quickly as possible.

    ...everything else is trivial.

  3. The only thing that is missing from our own lives that would make them identical to what you are seeing in this film is the laugh track.

    Tomorrow I will purchase a laugh track recording and play it constantly when I interact with my fellow human beings.

    Once I have the laugh track, I become one of the rabbits. There is no difference at all between us any longer.

  4. Oh, I guess that I also need long furry ears. My ears are getting longer with age, of course, but they are not anywhere near furry enough.

    Does anyone have a pair of rabbit ears that I could borrow?

  5. I could go on endlessly like this. But then I would simply bore you.

    Of course, human existence itself is inherently boring. Look at your own life: how fascinating do you think it really is?

    So if I bore you, that it very, very good. It reminds you of just how futile your quest for meaning, purpose, and enjoyment is in this life.

    For the thinking man, ennui is the ultimate existential state.

    That's why the rabbit film resonates so damn much: it is absa-friggin-lutely boring beyond belief. Just like our human lives.

  6. Perhaps you thought I would stop with last comment about how much I'm probably boring you at this point. But I don't think you are bored enough yet...or annoyed enough...or anxious enough.

    You still cling to your petty desires for meaning and truth.

    So you have yet to grasp the point of the rabbit film. If you did, you would expect me to go on for ever, and ever, and ever.

    I should write comments like this until the end of time. If I did that, then, and only then, might you begin to understand the rabbits and what they are all about.

    Perhaps I will continue in this vein until I expire in front of my compter in a fit of exhaustion.

    But then no one will be around to play the laugh track.

    Utter futility!

    Ah, now I'm on to something.

  7. I should be working, I should be exercising, I should be meditating. There are so many things that I should be doing.

    But the rabbit film has taken over my life.

    I can't stop thinking about it. Or writing about it.

    Perhaps I should go outside and get some fresh air, clear my mind a bit.

    But that would take me from my thoughts about the rabbits and about the utter pointlessness and absurdity of the human condition.

    I could never commit such a sin -- the worse sin immaginable.

    Has this become my new religion?

  8. The rabbit film is the URTEXT of our times. It answers all our questions and fulfils all of our deepest longings and desires.

    If you really what to know what this all means, then watch the rabbit film, study the rabbit film, live your entire life according to the ethos of the rabbit film.

    There is no higher truth than this.

  9. Why was the first comment deleted by the author? Mike says...what?

    What possibly could he--that is I--have been so concerned about having said that it could be justified by the annihiliation of primal (and primary) thought.

    Could he -- I mean I -- have committed an act of pure sacrilige by questioning the wisdom of the rabbit film?

    I -- or he...I can't remember which -- wrote the comment and I -- or he? which is it now? -- deleted it. But neither of us can recall what was said or why the comment had to be destroyed.

    The rabbits are taking control of the agent's thought processes, and perhaps even his will itself.

    The agent -- he or I? -- is becoming one with the rabbits. All that remains now is to find the laugh tack and the furry ears.

  10. you must be buggin if you think that this is profound, man. its three fucking rabbits in livin room, for shits sake!!! whats so amazing about that?

  11. I'll take a preliminary stab at it:
    I've always thought the search for meaning and the search for a recognizable patters were, if not synonymous then at least asymptotic. If we can find a pattern, we can find a narrative structure and then, presumably, a reason to explain why things occur when they do.

    So, with Rabbits, we should first try to recognize a pattern. Then, we should ask ourselves what our response to that pattern is.
    Are there recognizable elements in the film?
    Rabbits. What do rabbits mean to us? Fear, perhaps.
    What about the laugh track? Not funny to us. The humor, perhaps, is one we don't understand. We are alienated from it. Was it Barthes that said that art and literature defamiliarizes us with the every day? Literature and art makes things a little strange such that we can examine it with a fresh perspective.

    Perhaps this is an excercise in understanding an alien (if nonetheless earth-bound) world. If it is a play, perhaps being watched by rabbits, it may be that humor, for the rabbit, is of a different sort than it is for humans. Laughter can often result from fear. Perhaps fear is the major motivator of rabbit-awareness...

    Then, there is the dialogue. For the most part non-sensical, unless we examine the ways rabbits might communicate were they to use words. There was some sort of tragic, violent event that either harmed or threatened to harm the rabbits. The broken window. The smoke. The smeared glass. The barbed wire. The demonic snarling dog. Rabbit memory.

    Then why are they dressed as humans doing drudgery and living in relative squalor? Well, perhaps we live in fear and tedium just as do the rabbits. Beckett, anyone? Camus?

    Anyhow, I didn't find it all that difficult to understand. Do not rabbits live a life of existential angst -- just as we do, at times?

  12. I resist your futile attempt to engage in oszustwo with your much idiotic bałamuctwo. The rabbits represent nothing to me -- a mere samochodzik -- but your insidious cruelty is a shameful klątwa.

    What they are in fact suggesting (to quote the great Polish Sage Smederdievski): "Sex jest dle mnie tak wciągający jak picie." Is true no?

    I curse you and I curse shameful rabbits and all who would perform the much maligned ludożerstwo -- curses be unto him!

    To quote great sage from Kraków: "Kolerzanka uprawiała sex w windzie."

    ...and you and your seductive rabbits must believe it too!

    Jan Kerplotski
    The Polish Buntownik

  13. Gosh, Mikey, I wonder who Jan Kerplotski is...

  14. Why you cast aspergius on the honor of Jan Kerplotski, aka Polish Buntownik. He the most prężny man is all southern Poland (east of Rzeszów...ריישע-rayshe in the mother tongue...Miloszh Potanski is better still in west).

    The verility of Jan is not to be questioned!!!??! For the hair on my chest is as black as hide of wild boar that roams through dark forests of Gmina Trzebownisko!!!??>>

    To quote the great poet of my people:

    "Koty otrzymywały szczepionkę Nobivac Bb, a następnie wykonywano test prowokacji poprzez ekspozycję na dziki typ B. bronchiseptica."

    With much niesmak,
    Jan Kerplotshi
    (aka the Polish Buntownik)

    P.S. I eat rabbits as these for lunch-time snack. They are a mere przystawka for one of my manhood!!!<<*&#$!

  15. 6:30: Got up and watched the Rabbit video.

    7:30: Tried to meditate, but all I could keep thinking about was the damn rabbits.

    8:00: Attempted to eat breakfast, but the ironing board kept popping into my mind. What's with the ironing?

    11:00: Tried to do some grading, but was compelled to watch the rabbit video again instead. Who or what is the scary apparition that appears mid-way though? A deity, a demiurge, a demon?

    2:00: still haven't eaten a bite. All I can do is obsess over the rabbits. Ra-bits...rare bites...raw bits. Am I going mad?

    3:30: totally exhauted. Tried to take a nap, but a thought kept popping into my mind: are the rabbits in purgatory or some kind of Bardo state? And how do I know that I'm not in one myself right now? If I am the rabbits and the rabbits are me, then their purgatory is mine. But where is my laugh-track and big ears?

    Will someone please find me some big furry ears?

    7:00: Rabbits

    9:45: Rabbits

    10:25: Rabbits

    I'm being consumed by the god-almigtht-damnable-frickin RABBITS.

    Heavy sigh.

  16. After watching this particular video, I have become atrabilious. I will respond with the words that immediately appeared in my mind:


    In my diseased and afflicted mind, I can no longer taste the sweet joy of life or gaze upon the scintillating rays of a glorious sun that is fixed at a central point in the sky. In all its radiance and glory, this fiery orb firmly planted in the cosmos is blinding and overwhelming to my eyes. It is not a bringer of peace or a provider of life but a terrible and elemental force that obscures my vision. In this instance, the sun’s effulgence is enveloped by a filthy mist and covered in a dense cloud of melancholy. With the sun being a symbol of life or of the state of existence, the ominous clouds of melancholy well represent my disillusionment with life, society and of the affairs of man. This wretched anguish of the soul or this sense of cosmic purposelessness and dread has arisen from all the miseries of daily existence. Daily existence in itself is suffering and therefore being beset by worries and troubles or being incessantly plagued by upheavals of the soul is a common occurrence. Life is a state of perpetual suffering and of agonizing pain. In life, happiness is ephemeral and suddenly gives way to a lachrymose melancholy while all the miseries of life form an impenetrable glacis that is marked with discomfort, anxiety, tension and destruction. Happiness is fugacious while the agonies of life are ever lasting. There will never be a cessation of the relentless flow of choking misery and vile despair while happiness itself lies torn, mangled, withered and decayed in the dust.

    I have succumbed to a tepid languor that has enervated my happiness in which life has become strange or even alien to me. I am lost in a dream-like state that is disconnected from the realm of reality. What am I but a decrepit and fundamentally worthless organism in a disordered, anarchic, fragmented and hostile world that is forever marked with enmity, chaos and destruction? Man is a savage and morally reprehensible creature driven by primitive urges and putrid desires. Man is a creature that is devoid of reason and rationality. On the topic of cosmic purposelessness, the Neoplatonists described a divine balance and overarching harmony to the cosmos or a unity of the spheres (Contesseration). In truth, the cosmos form a chaotic realm that is unbalanced and forever in tension. In the primordial age of the cosmos, there existed chaos while in the final annihilation of all living things, the cosmos will once again pass into chaos. The cosmos are not arrayed in perfect harmony or placed together according to a divine perfection. The presence of the gods is not ubiquitous for the gods themselves are subject to the vicissitudes of time and to the malignity of Fortune. Instead, the cosmos formed out of the erratic and chaotic collisions of particles or the agglomeration of atoms. At the expiration of individual life, the corporeal and incorporeal parts of one’s being are annihilated as the atoms are dispersed throughout the cosmos. Everything in the cosmos is in flux and nothing is locked in stasis; all things in existence are destroyed and pass into annihilation in which change is represented by the processes of sheer destruction and death. Finally, the descent into such destruction, collapse and annihilation is inexorable.

  17. I find the above comments on the film by Damian and Conrad to be even more incomprehensible than the film itself.

    In the meanwhile, I continue my descent into rabbit hell. The source for the original film I posted mysteriously disappeared.

    What happened to this film?

    And what happened to the guy who posted it?

    Is he now trapped in some rabbit sitcom hell?

    Is this the fate of anyone who messes with the rabbits?

    And am I next?

    I must find the complete film again...even at the cost of my immortal soul!

  18. What?!? No more wabbits!?! There's something pwetty scwewy going on awound here....

  19. 5. "Do not forget that today is Friday."

  20. 6. The perfect, so seductive...

  21. Here is the truth of the situation as it happened and without any embellishment on my part. It's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Odin.

    The video was there, in its entirety on a Youtube channel that was filled with other videos. So I linked to the rabbit video on the site. And all was well in the cosmos.

    But then the video was mysteriously removed, and the channel disappeared, and I was distraught. I cannot say what happened to the channel or its master, but I suspect that dark forces were trying to keep the primordial wisdom of the rabbits all to themselves.

    The rabbits were gone.

    The best that I could find was a lame 15 minute clip...definitely not enough to satisfy the deepest longings of those who had seen the whole video.

    But then, in my hour of darkest despair, the obstreperous sage of the department of philosophy (a Pole by descent, but not, interestingly enough related to Mr. Kerplotski) discovered an obscure site that contained the entire summum opus.

    I did what I had to in order to ensure that the rabbit film would never disappear again. Please don't ask me what I did (or the horrible unnatural acts it necessitated); just believe me when I tell you that no degradation was too much to endure in order to insure that this masterpiece could be shared among the illuminati.

    And so here it is in all its glory. How long it will remain on this site, before the dark forces compel me to remove it, I cannot say. Just enjoy it while you can.

    And be sure to comment. The rabbits need your comments!

  22. 12:33: The song, the song. I can't get it out of my head. It pierces the very marrow of my being.

    "Dark, smiling teeth"????

    And what the hell's with that flaming orb? Where did it come from, where does it go, and why doesn't it singe the walls?

  23. You think this is a joke? This is no damn joke! It is life and death exquisitely captured in the guise of three ordinary people dressed in rabbit costumes.

    There is nothing more important than this. Not the war in Afghanistan, not the world economic crisis, not climate change, not even the suspicious increase in the price of sorghum (a international conspiracy, to be sure!).

    The discussion must continue....forever if necessary. I am prepared to continue to comment on the rabbit film until the end of time or until I start to get bored, whichever comes first.

  24. And one more thing: you may not give a rabbit's ass about the price of sorghum, but did you know...

    Grain sorghum is the third most important cereal crop grown in the United States and the fifth most important cereal crop grown in the world. The United States is the world's largest producer of grain sorghum followed by India and Nigeria. It is a leading cereal grain produced in Africa and is an important food source in India. Leading exporters are the United States, Australia and Argentina.

    The United States is currently positioned as the number two producer and number one exporter of sorghum in the world market. World trade in sorghum is dominated by U.S. exports to Mexico. Other importing countries and regions include Japan, the EU, Africa, Colombia, Canada and Korea.

    In many parts of the world sorghum has traditionally been used in food products and various food items; porridge, unleavened bread, cookies, cakes, couscous and malted beverages are made from this versatile grain. Traditional food preparation of sorghum is quite varied. Boiled sorghums are one of the simplest uses and small, corneous grains are normally desired for this type of food product. The whole grain may be ground into flour or decorticated before grinding to produce either a fine particle product or flour, which is then used in various traditional foods.

    Sorghum has unique properties that make it well suited for food uses. Some sorghum varieties are rich in antioxidants and all sorghum varieties are gluten-free, an attractive alternative for wheat allergy sufferers.

    Because of its neutral taste, sorghum absorbs other flavors well. For example, U.S. white sorghum has been exported to Japanese millers to be processed into flour. Japanese snack food processors have used the flour in research and recipe development, leading to commercialization of snack food products. It is anticipated that more white sorghum based products will debut soon both in Japan and in North America.

    Sorghum is also an important animal feed used in countries like the U.S., Mexico, South America and Australia. Good-quality sorghums are available with a nutritional feeding value that is equivalent to that of corn. Sorghum can be processed to further improve its feed value and techniques such as grinding, crushing, steaming, steam flaking, popping and extruding have all been used to enhance the grain for feeding. The products are then fed to beef and dairy cattle, laying hens and poultry and pigs, and are used in pet foods.

    As much as 12 percent of domestic sorghum production goes to produce ethanol and its various co-products. With demand for renewable fuel sources increasing, demand for co-products like sorghum-DDGS (distiller's dried grains with solubles) will increase as well due to sorghum's favorable nutrition profile.

    So think about that the next time you bad-mouth a vital crop like sorghum!

  25. Sorghum and Christmas Greetings are all fine and good...

    But what about the rabbits???

    Focus, Mike!

  26. You are right, oh wise anonymous stranger! My mind was distracted by thoughts of sorghum and Christmas.

    Sorghun, sorghum. Fields of sorghum waving in summer breeze. Endless fields of lush brown sorghum....

    There I go again, taking my mind off the only important issue: the rabbits. For a moment, I imagined that I could forget about the rabbits and live an ordinary life like everyone else.

    Sigh! Why can everyone else spend their time talking about sorghum, but I am condemned to think only about the rabbits? Oh, if I could only spend a few precious moments imagining myself running through field of Nebraska sorghum, how happy I would be.

    But I know that the rabbits would just follow me into the sorghum fields. They would never leave me in peace!

    There can be no peace for those who have seen the rabbit film. We are the walking damned!!!

    The rabbits...
    The rabbits...

  27. I have one more thing to say...


  28. The U.S Sorghum Council, which has as its mission to promote the use of sorghum as a nutritious and tasty food product for both humans and livestock, disavows any connection between the product that it promotes and the questionable aims of the so-called "philosopher" who has authored this blog post.

    We believe that sorghum production is demeaned by any connection to morally objectionable films about people dressed as rabbits. Rabbits as a rule do not eat sorghum, and any suggestion to the contrary is nothing more than a malicious lie.

    Instead of reading this blog post, we encourage all of you to go to your local food vender and insist that he -- or she, as the case may be -- begin to stock a wide variety of nutritious sorghum products, like sorghum pot pies, sorghum olive loaf, and sorghum-flavored Twizzlers.

    We stand by our product and the United States of America, which produces more sorghum per square mile than any other country on earth.

    God bless America (and sorghum)!

    Yours truly,
    Lance B. Dowd
    President, Sorghum Council of America

  29. "By employing Rabbits rather than Humans, it creates a homogenisation of the imagery, this works well in Lynch’s favour as it denudes the characters of all familiar characteristics and identification and therefore forces the audience to focus on and evaluate the mechanics of construction. This alienating device makes the narrative rather than the characters the focal point of interest. We can now enter the world of the metaphysical and concentrate on the structure of the presentation."

    1. homogenisation of the imagery
    2. denudation of character
    3. mechanics of construction
    4. structure of the presentation

    A. Baudrillard
    B. Lyotard
    C. Derrida
    D. Foucault

    I. The pseudo imagination of the invisible
    II. The semiotics of outward projection
    III. The subconscious rendered metaconscious
    IV. Being towards and Being for and Being unto un-being

  30. Alcibiades J. GrunthalerDecember 23, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    Who exactly is Lance B. Dowd? He is not registered with the Sorghum Council of America or with the U.S Grains Council. So who is he, and what relationship does he have -- if any -- to the rabbits.

    Is he simply a front for those who seek to destroy the message of the rabbits?

    Does he really care about sorghum or is he merely using the love that all Americans have for this delicious grain to create a climate of fear and suspicion?

    There are dark clouds on the horizon and I fear that there are those -- and I believe B. Dowd to be one of them -- who would use the wisdom of the rabbit for nefarious ends.

    Grains, sorghum waving in the summer winds, rabbits, ironing boards, the big head....It is all beginning to make sense to me now!

    A.J. Grunthaler
    Neo-beatnik poet and philosopher

  31. As with all David Lynch projects, the director is reluctant to ever discuss his films. So, we are totally free to interpret the work, through our own perimeters. Unless he states an answer specifically, I'm sure even he would say it's open to whoever views it. So with that said, here is my take on Rabbits: I think the rabbits are representations of a modern human. The room is the brain, and the three characters are aspects of a human personality. Three facets of a modern human. One, is a worker, the part of us acting in a mundane, but civilized way, performing all the tasks that get us through our modern way of life. The second female, is the thinker, planted in one spot, a representation of a fixed point of view of what we know about our world and universe. The male rabbit is the representation of the explorer, or aspect we present to the outside world. Despite all our knowledge, the majority of humanity still believes in a primitive belief of a deity, which represents a ceremonial connection to all we fear and do not understand still. We are interrupted by the mysterious "force" of this deity, who babbles nonsense, yet demands our attention for a select amount of time. (Equivalent of going to church perhaps?) The collected fear, sung in the song lyrics, and represented by the door opening, phone call and scream, are the numerous forces that can and will destroy us, despite our feeling of security of what we know in our minds. Ultimately, something will cause our demise- whether it's a natural death, or a force of nature, of an act of violence, etc. This fear is represented further by the dangerous music, and the sounds of a city/factory, and the walking footsteps passing by. It is not a warm and safe environment out there. The man in the green coat could be death, or any element that brings about change. All our lives, we try to be orderly, take solace in our routines, and our understanding of our place in the world, but it wouldn't take much to derail what we know and feel secure in, when everyday, a final fate is dealt to a family member, a colleague, or someone we hear about in the news. Our lives are tension filled, with moments of happiness, always ready to be undercut by a force, just outside our door. It could be a healthy paranoia, or a subconscious acknowledgment of our mortality, and our efforts to put it off as long as possible. Rabbits also represent our vulnerability, our need for safety in numbers, and trying to go about our lives without attracting a fatal danger. The laugh track, and applause represent elements of a social approval- the arrival among people that love you, or are comforted by the fact you made it home alive for another day. The abstract dialogue also represents the totality of a lifetime- most of it is based on observations and our concerns and fears about the world we live in. So ultimately, we have a film about the fragility of life, and how we press on in the face of overwhelming and unknowable dangers that even religion doesn't completely relieve from us. The flame represents a burning truth, that we recognize a pattern, or universal truth, but press on anyway. In the end, all we can do is huddle together and carry on as long as we can.

  32. This George, he seems a very mądry fellow. Perhaps could it be possibly that blood of the Polish people flows through his veins?>>!?

    Still however he has odrażający fixation on rabbits like all degenerates who fancy themselves on this wulgarny site.

    Mebeyee he think that the rabbits can save him from his own dekadencja, but this is a misapprehenchy, a dziecinność in mother tongue. Is a mere zjawisko Dopplera, no??? to quote great Polish sage, Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński.

    To quote famous proverb of my people:

    "Gdyby kózka nie skakala, to by nózki nie zlamala"

    This is to be translated in your primitive tongue as "The goat leaps in morning dew over the oprichny nayia and would not have broken his little tyłek if not for the foolish głupstwo of his lust for little rabbits in the woods."

    ...And you must believe this for proverb is true like grey beard on old woman's face!!??>>!!!!

    With much savory niesmak,
    Jan Kerplotski
    (aka the Polish Buntownik)

  33. Less rabbits, more fishies:

  34. 9:54: The Red Light and the Big Talking Head

    The red light might lead one to think that the rabbits are in a state of purgatory and being condemned for past misdeeds (eating the forbidden sorghum, perhaps?). But I don't think that this is the case.

    The big head is clearly a rabbit (not a nasty dog as someone previously suggested). I think that the head represents an all knowing and all powerful deity. The language that he is speaking is clearly a dialect of Southwestern Poland, which is the language that will be spoken in the afterlife (bone up on it now, if you have the time!).

    But what is the big head saying? And why is he so pissed? I have no idea.

    Puzzles wrapped in enigmas shrouded in mysteries. Just when I think I have the damn rabbits figured out, something else comes into the picture to throw me off!

  35. I'm a big Lynch fan. I've seen almost all of his movies, but this film does nothing for me. I know that it's not supposed to have a point, but come on, man!

    Am I really supposed to be entertained by this, or is this a punishment for me as well as for the rabbits?

  36. Dear Dr. Russo:

    Oh my god! This film is utterly bereft of theology and geometry! I have watched it, with disgust, seventy-two times. The experience has, no doubt, caused irreparable damage to my valve. I fear I may bloat. I do not doubt that I may require surgery. Should such services be rendered upon my considerable person, you shall receive the invoice from my gastroenterologist -- a man of dubious reknown, my having been referred to him by a particularly odious Marxist female who has her own singularly salacious design upon me.

    I. Reilly

  37. The creepiest part...


    "Somethings wrong. Cooooolllllddddddd!"

    Yieks! makes my flesh crawl every time I see it.

  38. ...and let's not forget the key to the meaning of the whole film...


    The father (or father figure at any rate) delivers the message of the film:

    "Distant siren
    And old warn rock
    A dog crawls
    Oh! Oh!
    Something's wrong
    Something's wrong

    Do you see it? I think that this explains everything! You's have to be an idiot not to understand what Lynch is trying to say with a message as clear as this almost exactly in the middle of the film.

  39. 18:09: "He goes to work each morning and then he comes back home each night."

    Yes, but what kind of nasty things does he do when he is out for the day?

    This is the key to the film, NOT 20:25. damn it!

  40. My new obsession with Dan Hill (see post of 12/27) has taken me away from my more legitimate obsession with the rabbits. But fear not: my attention has returned to what is truly important in life--the rabbits, and, to a certain extent, sorghum propagation and distribution.

    You may think that there is no room for sorghum in the discussion about the meaning of the rabbit film, but you'd be wrong...damn wrong.

    The two are connected in some mysterious and complex way that I still can't fathom. I will solve this riddle--even at the cost of my immortal soul!

    The rabbits
    The rabbits
    The rabbits

    What, oh what, is the connection???

  41. Phred the Phunky PhormalistDecember 30, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    Mike, you appear to be lacking methodology in your approach. This may be why you are unable to discover the connection(s) you seek.

    What I suggest you do is post a separate comment on each minute, nay perhaps each thirty-second interval of the film. When completed, this will provide you and your readers with a reference concordance to serve as a basis for further research and scholarship.

    Perhaps were you to compile a readers guide in which you analyze each word of the film text in a manner that fully explicates the cultural, mimetic, and politico-economic context of the film, you and your readership, to say nothing of the academic and lay culture in general, would be well served.

    At the very least, such apparatuses would enable entrance into further conversation.

  42. Phred, your comments displays a totalitarian mindset that is totally out of keeping with Lynch's film.

    Concordances are for fascists, my friend! I prefer to allow the magic and mystery of the film to inspire my comments.


  43. Phred the Phunky PhormalistDecember 30, 2011 at 2:46 PM

    13:27, 22:04, and 25:11?
    This choice confirms my point about your need to gain a more sophisticated hermeneutic sensibility.

    Might I suggest:
    18:29, 3:56, and 38:16 (or maybe 38:17, if you are of a less puritanical aesthetic).

  44. Let me propose a compromise...


  45. Kindly cease and desist with the continual comments linking sorghum with this insidious film. There is no connection at all between the two.

    Sorghum is a sweet, wholesome product that grows in the God-loving state of Kansas and has innumerable benefits for both body and soul. The rabbit film is a perversity created by a degenerate mind.

    I warn you for the last time: leave sorghum out of this conversation!

    With extreme consternation,
    Lance B. Dowd
    President, Sorghum Association of America

  46. Do rabbits eat sorghum? Perhaps if SGA of A were to sponsor this conversation, film lovers, the sorghum industry, and rabbits everywhere would benefit mutually!

  47. You, sir, are insufferable! I will not waste my time on one so ignorant of the many benefits of sorghum and sorghum-related products.

    Lance B. Dowd
    President, Sorghum Association of America

  48. ...and one more thing. If you think that sorghum is a joking matter, you are sadly mistaken. Imagine what this world of ours would be like were there no sorghum products to consume. No sorghum and pudding pie, no sorghum sno-cones, no Grandma's boiled meat with tasty morsels of fried sorghum!

    So before you go around mocking this incredible grain, think twice, my friend!

    Sincerely yours,
    Lance B. Dowd
    President, Sorghum Association of America

  49. An Angry Old CodgerJanuary 6, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    Young Man, you are falling woefully behind in your attention to the Rabbits. Get off your cockamamie hands and do some G-D work, for a change! Why, in my day, I would already have commented three times as much as this! You young kids, you're all the same! No wonder the country is falling into the hands of a bunch of ignorants and malcontents! No wonder everything is turning to a big pile of falderall! Why, if I were a younger man, by god I would give you some what for that you wouldn't soon forget!

    Now, you're a smart young feller with a lot of youthful energy that could be put to some good use!

    I've got one thing to say to you, Michael: