Wednesday, December 21, 2011

50 Proposals For Reform

Some people have a few good ideas in life; others have none at all. My colleague, Dr. David McClean, however, is clearly someone with no shortage of interesting ideas about how to make the world we live in a better place.

Recently, David has come up with no fewer than 50 proposals to reform the way Wall Street does business. Describing what inspired him, David writes,

"I decided to take it upon myself to draft 50 proposals / propositions (hereafter “Proposals”) that, taken together, can cause or at least contribute to a series of public conversations and, perhaps, sweeping transformation of not only how Wall Street does business, but also of how it thinks of itself and, maybe, in time, how the country thinks of it. Among the proposals are those that address larger issues that concern the nature of our democracy itself."

Although David acknowledges that both those on the right and left of the political spectrum will probably take issue with some of his ideas, he is to be congratulated for putting his philosophical training into practice to help solve an important social problem.

Perhaps those in the Occupy Wall Street movement will simply dismiss his ideas as not being in keeping with their “horizontal organizational model and anarchic orientation." But that would be a mistake. Good ideas are good ideas, where ever they come from. As a business insider--albeit one with progressive political tendencies--David is in a unique position to offer concrete proposals for reform that would benefit all of us. I strongly encourage everyone to read these proposals carefully.

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