Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Forum

On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, the Molloy College Center for Social and Ethical Concerns, along with the Departments of Business and Philosophy, hosted a forum on Occupy Wall Street. The event was attended by several hundred students, faculty, and members of the larger community. I'm happy to say that the debate that occurred that night was spirited and engaging, while at the same time extremely civil. To me, this proves that you we can discuss the issues that drive the Occupy Wall Street movement without resorting to simplistic platitudes or nasty name-calling.

As part of the forum, I showed the film, "Why We Protest: Voices from Occupy Wall Street." The film was shot over several weeks in Zuccotti Park and profiles college-aged protesters in an attempt to discern what drove them to become part of this movement. The film captures a snapshot in time that no longer exists now that Zuccotti park has been "sanitized" by the City of New York. Still, I think that what the film shows, more than anything else, is the commitment and tenacity of the young protesters who are at the forefront of this moment.


  1. sorry I couldn't make it to the forum. the film is great, though. definitely makes you realize that the OWS activists are definitely here for the long haul. gonna be a lot more agitation in ny this year!!!

    deal with that, bloomberg!

  2. Your film is a bit biased. Is every protester at Zoccotti Park really so cute and intelligent? Next time you should include a few of the psychos who are also part of the movement. But other than that...a really nice job, man.

  3. Luv'd the confrontation between the protesters and the cops. Who do they serve and protect anyway?