Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Hours To Bliss

A friend, says Marcus Tullius Cicero, is like a mirror for your soul. Your mother may not understand you, your wife may not understand you, your children may not understand you...but a friend always will.

The following video was submitted for my viewing pleasure by my dear friend, Zeno Ragman (real names changed to protect the innocent). When I first saw it, I gasped with delight, so perfectly did this video reflect the human condition in all it's majesty and glory. The only thing that could possibly have made it better was if it was 20 hours long instead of only ten!

If you seek to unravel the mysteries of life and death, then watch this video in its entirety. Let it's profound message wash over you and cleanse you of all your iniquities.

Thank you, Zeno Ragman, for your most generous offering!


  1. The cat cannot provide you with salvation. Only the saving power of ELOHIM in all his AMAZING GLORY can do that!

    The cat is just another one of your liberal deceptions. The cat itself is iniquity and how can iniquity be cleansed by iniquity?

    Beware the judgment of ELOHIM!

  2. One more thing. I do not know this Zeno Ragman, but I do not trust him. Zeno is the name of a disreputable pagan philosopher and ragmen are those who have not be blessed by God's salvivic beneficences (or they would not be cursed with having to pick rags)!