Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here's How We Get it Completely Wrong

The following are Buddha's insights on wrong view, or the unskillful ways we have of looking at the world:

This is how one attends (thinks) inappropriately:

'Was I in the past?
Was I not in the past?
What was I in the past?
How was I in the past?
Having been what, what was I in the past?

Shall I be in the future?
Shall I not be in the future?
What shall I be in the future?
How shall I be in the future?
Having been what, what shall I be in the future?'

Or else he is inwardly perplexed about the immediate present:

'Am I?
Am I not?
What am I?
How am I?
Where has this being come from?
Where is it bound?'

(Discourse on Right View)

So what else is left to think about? (Or not think about?) And what role does philosophy have in a system where one is discouraged from engaging in speculative thought about past, future, or present?

One could spend a life-time thinking just about this! (Or, rather, not "thinking" about it at all).

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